EIBTM Exhibitors and Buyers Get Enhanced Opportunities


EIBTM-EntranceReed Travel Exhibitions‭ (‬RTE‭) ‬to find ways of achieving even more opportunities to do business during the event.‭  ‬RTE is now set to make changes to its Pre-Scheduled Appointment‭ ‬(PSA‭)‬ system and has announced that it will allow Exhibitors to have greater control and visibility of their products and services to Buyers.‭  ‬EIBTM‭ ‬2014‭ ‬also introduces a new‭ ‬Hosted Buyers program for Association Meeting Planners.‭  ‬Patrick Debus,‭ ‬Permanent Secretary,‭ ‬World Federation of Consuls‭ ‬and member of the EIBTM Association Planners Focus Group commented,‭ “‬The refreshed model is definitively taking more care of the associations‭’ ‬expectations and I can only congratulate the EIBTM team for such a useful and highly appreciated concern.‭”‬  In a boost for Spanish Buyers, the Spanish National Hosted Buyer Programme has been amended to allow Buyers‭ ‬from Spain to be accepted onto the EIBTM Hosted Buyer programme, including those engaged just in domestic business.‭ 

EIBTM‭ ‬2014‭ ‬is expecting over‭ ‬4,000‭ ‬high-level industry decision makers,‭ ‬planners and buyers from associations,‭ ‬major corporates and MICE agencies,‭ ‬all from various industries and economies ranking in the top‭ ‬10‭ ‬of the world‭’‬s highest current GDP and also those ranked to be in the top‭ ‬10‭ ‬by‭ ‬2050,‭ ‬including the U.S.,‭ ‬Asia,‭ ‬Africa,‭ ‬South America,‭ ‬Brazil,‭ ‬Mexico and India.‭ ‬ It is expected that Hosted Buyers will make‭ ‬more than‭ ‬65,000‭ ‬pre-scheduled appointments during the three days of the show.

Exhibitors will now have the option to self-select appointments with Hosted Buyers of their choice.‭ ‬Once the Hosted Buyers have made their appointment preferences and the buyer appointments have been matched,‭ ‬exhibitors will be able to browse accepted Hosted Buyers and request appointments and Hosted Buyers can accept or decline the appointment.‭  ‬Previously,‭ ‬exhibitors could schedule appointments with those buyers that have selected them within the diary system.‭ ‬It is expected exhibitors will generate more visibility‭ ‬of their products and services amongst relevant buyers.‭  ‬Other enhancements to the diary system will allow exhibitors to block appointment slots for meetings that have been arranged outside of the EIBTM appointment system.‭

Both Buyers and Exhibitors are expected to benefit from more detailed information available from Buyers,‭ ‬whereby each Buyer now has the ability to add details of the type of business they are looking to place, allowing exhibitors to contact them to discuss their meeting in advance.

Spanish Hosted Buyers get a boost whereby Spanish‭ ‬Buyers‭ ‬will be accepted‭ ‬as‭ ‬Hosted Buyer programme even if they place only domestic business.‭ ‬ This initiative‭ ‬is expected to‭ ‬offer a significant boost for the Spanish sector at EIBTM and‭ ‬provide support for‭ ‬Spanish‭ ‬operators looking to‭ ‬make appointments with regional and‭ ‬international suppliers.‭ 

EIBTM‭ ‬2014‭ ‬also sees the launch of a new Hosted Buyer initiative for EIBTM‭’‬s Association Meeting Planners.‭  ‬Following research among Association Meeting Planners and as‭ ‬a direct result of a Focus Group held in London in May to determine the ideal experience for Association Planners,‭ “‬My Association‭ | ‬My Club‭”‬,‭ ‬is designed to facilitate flexibility and will be incorporated across the IBTM network.‭   Graeme Barnett

“Having engaged with meeting planners across the sector and asked for their involvement in helping shape a new way to attend our events,‭ ‬we have listened and acted on what they have told us they want from their time at EIBTM.‭ ‬Association meeting planners have very specific needs and this new offer includes flexibility at its core.‭ ‬From freedom to explore the show floor and discover new suppliers,‭ ‬building an education programme of their choice and having the time to meet with members of their community.‭ ‬It‭’‬s all about creating their own personalised programme and that is what the launch of My Association‭ | ‬My Club aims to deliver,‭“‬ said Graeme Barnett,‭ ‬EIBTM Senior Exhibition Director,‭ ‬Reed Travel Exhibitions.

As an Association Planner,‭ ‬being hosted within the EIBTM‭ “‬My Association‭ | ‬My Club‭”‬ means new opportunities and benefits such as‭ ‬-‭  ‬A flexible scheduling system and a personalised diary of pre-scheduled appointments with over‭ ‬3,000‭ ‬international exhibitors of the Association Hosted Buyers‭’‬ choice,‭ ‬Networking‭ O‬pportunities to connect with other international association peers‭ ‬at exclusive networking events,‭  ‬Knowledge‭ S‬essions‭ ‬to hear from industry visionaries and attend the seminars and workshops,‭ ‬a‭ ‬Hub‭ ‬with complimentary refreshments and lunch,‭ ‬Wi-Fi and space to meet with contacts and peers along with daily‭ ‬‘Huddles‭’‬ to share knowledge and expertise‭ ‬and support from EIBTM‭  ‬to simplify a‭ ‬Association Hosted Buyers‭’‬ participation.

Mr Barnett added,‭ “‬We are also offering an option to extend their stay in Barcelona and choose their own travel times and length of stay.‭ ‬We have created a range of opportunities based around the key elements of doing business,‭ ‬networking and learning but with a freedom of choice that hasn‭’‬t existed previously.‭ ‬By creating this flexible approach,‭ ‬we hope the balance of a pre-scheduled appointment diary will also add value to our exhibitors,‭ ‬many of whom are keen to meet with these highly sought after buyers.‭ ‬Building a stronger more flexible offer for our Association customers should be a win-win‭ ‬for all.‭”

Association Club Buyers

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