Exclusive Initiative will be featured as part of the New Innovation Zone -EIBTM (www.eibtm.com), the global event for the meetings and events industry, is set to showcase a selection of the top innovations, set to impact the meetings industry.

The exclusive feature will be showcased as part of the new interactive Innovation Zone at EIBTM 2013, taking place 19-21 November in the Fira Gran Via, Barcelona.

The EIBTM Innovation Zone is dedicated towards providing an educational, inspirational and interactive experience for all EIBTM attendees who will have the opportunity to discover, play and experience the top innovations set to impact and revolutionise the industry. Included in the latest innovations is COVR’s (www.covr.be) ‘cmWalkTrue’ which is a tool that has been created for virtual exhibitions based on 360° photography, using real-life images taken onsite in a Google Street ViewTM –like environment. Visitors will be able to digitally visit the virtualised version of the EIBTM Innovation Zone and envision how cmWalkTrue can be used to virtualise full exhibitions or venues for online representation.

Another of the meetings industry’s top innovations is Eventisimo’s (www.eventisimo.com) ‘Sunflower Graphic’ which is the ultimate interactive virtual experience. It is the unification of the digital and physical world, mixing high-quality software-generated content with live surroundings, and allowing the user to interact with virtual world by moving his body.

Embraceled Interactions BV (www.embraceled.com), offers event planning/production companies an innovative RF bracelet solution that significantly enhances the in-person event experience offering a more engaging and immersive event, and enabling online interactions to happen in an offline world. These bracelets light up different colours, allowing participants to discover people with similar interests, submit a vote or receive information from the organisers.

Another top innovation will be Beabloo’s (www.beabloo.com) facial recognition software which detects facial interaction to determine a number of factors that contribute to ROI at exhibitions, such as the demographics of the visitors that walked past, their age and gender, how long they remained at the stand for, and repetition rate. Attendees will have the opportunity to see the Wifi Analytics sensors, the Video Analytics sensors and the Digital Marketing solution in action, which continuously adjust their content depending upon the audience.

Topi (www.topi.com) will be conducting a live demonstration of its mobile solution that focuses on optimising interactions among event participants, in addition to providing seamless access to the event essentials such as profiles searches, interest-based group chats, private conversations, and rich conversations (which allow to even share sketches and audio messages), full social network integration, amongst many other unique features. Acciona Producciones y Diseño are also set to showcase ‘Video Mapping’, a new audiovisual concept for projecting images – both video and graphics – onto real surfaces, making it possible to transform a passive structure, such as the front of a building, into an optical illusion with motion effects, which result in a strong sense of realism and volume. Acciona has already produced video mapping installations at iconic places such as Trafalgar Square, London, where they did a project for the UEFA earlier this year.

Another meetings industry innovator that is changing the industry is ‘Crowd Reactive’ (www.crowdreactive.com) who are working with events across the globe, enabling them to maximise social media content that attendees create on social media using a live slideshow at the event, as well as web widgets, live printing and photo props. EIBTM attendees will be able to take a photo and immediately see it displayed on the live screen, simply by tagging it with #IZONE13 Finally, Kisikura (www.kisikura.com) will be inviting EIBTM attendees to take a moment to relax and revitalise their body, on their specialist, branded oxygen chair.

Benefit from increased levels of energy, relief from stress-induced headaches and maximized memory functions in a matter of moments, whilst looking and learning about the brand or product in question. in the oxygen, which can be branded to promote any brand or a new product. More information about the innovation zone, visit www.eibtm.com/izone EIBTM 2013 will take place from 19th – 21st November, a week earlier than in previous years. The EIBTM Forum will take place the day before the exhibition on 18th November.

Trade Visitor registration is open and all meetings industry professionals are invited to register at www.eibtm.com/attend


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