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IT&CMA Events

‬IT&CM Events and CTW Events have released their custom event app on iTunes and Google Play stores.‭ ‬Developed in partnership with US-based Guidebook,‭ ‬the native app branded under TTG Events will house event guides to the group’s‭ ‬4‭ ‬MICE and Corporate Travel trade shows:‭ ‬IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific,‭ ‬IT&CM China,‭ ‬CTW China and IT&CM India.

Ooi Peng Ee-1“‬The mobile app is an excellent way for the industry to stay in touch with our latest event developments.‭ ‬Registered delegates and interested participants will have one-stop access to crucial dynamic event information that helps them make the most of their time pre-event and on-site,‭” ‬explained Ooi Peng Ee,‭ ‬General Manager of TTG Events.‭ “‬The app will also contain private guides for confirmed delegates that contain exclusive content including buyer profiles,‭ ‬exhibitor directory and the exhibition floor plan.‭”

Through the app,‭ ‬delegates can‭ ‬better navigate at any of the IT&CM and/or CTW events by having all the information they need at their fingertips.‭ ‬They can also‭ ‬learn about all the sessions happening during the event,‭ ‬curate their own personal schedule,‭ ‬and find their way with interactive maps. ‭ ‬The app also provides instant access to details such as speaker bios,‭ ‬presentations,‭ ‬exhibitor profiles,‭ ‬sponsor listings,‭ ‬social media feeds,‭ ‬and local area information.‭ ‬Finally,‭ ‬Guidebook also facilitates feedback collection via in-app surveys and attendee-to-attendee networking via virtual contact card sharing.

On the partnership,‭ ‬Alex Goldberg,‭ ‬Marketing Associate of Guidebook shared,‭ “‬The IT&CM Event series offers Guidebook invaluable exposure to top meeting and event planners in the Asia Pacific region.‭ ‬As mobile apps become the norm at events of all sizes and competition heats up among mobile providers,‭ ‬it’s critical to establish a foothold in all major markets globally.‭ ‬Guidebook is a well-recognized name in North America and has also gained significant traction among Europe event professionals,‭ ‬but we’re also looking to simultaneously expand into Asia and grow our team based in Seoul.‭ ‬The IT&CM series‭ ‬is a really reputable name in the Asian MICE Market,‭ ‬one that top planners rely on for industry education and networking opportunities,‭ ‬so we hope our partnership will give us access to this valuable audience and lend our brand credibility in the Asian MICE industry.‭”

How To Download The App‭ & ‬Event Guides
Search‭ “‬TTG Events‭”‬ in iTunes or Google Play stores
Open the app on your phone and download any of the‭ ‬4‭ ‬available‭ ‬public‭ ‬event guides:‭
‬-‭ ‬IT&CM China‭
‬-‭ ‬CTW China‭
‬-‭ ‬IT&CM India‭
‬-‭ ‬IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific
To access the private event guides‭ (‬for confirmed delegates only‭)‬,‭ ‬please ask the organisers for the redeem code.
To make the most of the app,‭ ‬do this optional step:‭ ‬Create your account and your virtual business card.‭ ‬Also choose to check yourself in‭ (‬for private event guides only‭) ‬so that other delegates can find you and connect with you.

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