IBTM Knowledge Programme is On-Line


IBTM World introduces 7 brand new themes to tempt and inspire you…including ‘connections mean everything’, ‘inspiration from outside’ ‘tools for meetings productivity’ among others. The 2015 ibtm world knowledge programme is now live for attendees to plan their knowledge sessions to suite their business obligations.


This outstanding knowledge programme is delivered by leading industry experts on the latest trends in the industry, gain new perspectives and address keyne issues. The ibtm knowledge programme run over the entire 3 days of the show to allow attendees to schedule their business meetings and still attend these informative sessions. The new ACS Knowledge Village is designed to enhance your experience with four new layouts for a fun and creative atmosphere for learning, inspiration and engagement.

Meet the Speakers
We are so excited to introduce our amazing line-up of international speakers for 2015, welcoming back some familiar faces and bringing some new and exciting names to the show this year. There are currently about 70 speakers scheduled to impart their knowledge of how to improve your business and tackle the evolving field of meetings and events.

Dr Rob Davidson will be presenting his 2015 Trends Watch Report; meeting designer and writer Bo Krüger will reveal the power of games to motivate participants; owner of Event Technology Consulting Brandt Krueger will be helping meeting and event planners to cut through the ‘technobabble!’ and Kevin Jackson Vice President EMEA at ISES UK will be revealing tips on capturing your audiences’ attention and engagement. These are just some of the speakers who will be bringing their expertise and experience to the show, to help you learn and develop your business.

Knowledge Themes

Connections Mean Everything(8 topics)
Industry Engagement(22 topics )
Innovative Events(26 topics )
Inspiration From Outside(8 topics )
Leading Lights From Leading Events(12 topics )
Putting Meeting Design Into Practice(16 topics )
Tools For Meetings Productivity(13topics )


Association(8 topics )
Conocimiento Español(5 topics )
Design & Engagement(37 topics )
Innovation Zone(19 topics )
Professional Development(13 topics )
Recommended for Students(2 topics )
Recommended for Suppliers(5 topics)
Research & Trends(14 topics )
Technology & Apps(21 topics)

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