IBTM World – Delivering a Positive Forecast for 2016


IBTM-Floor-1The 2015 Trends Watch report, to be presented at ibtm world in November, has a positive outlook for the industry. The report forecasts steady growth in attendance numbers, budgets and exhibitors for 2016 and so fuels expectations of a positive year for the meetings and events industry. Dr Rob Davidson, ibtm world industry analysist and Managing Director of MICE Knowledge, is set to present an optimistic outlook in his Trends Watch session at this year’s ibtm world. 

Robdavidson-1Mr Davidson will identify that the key indicators, including attendance, budgets, exhibitors, and revenues, continue to remain positive, signalling that the growth trend is set to continue, but said this would differ across geographical zones.
“A number of surveys of meetings industry associations point to ongoing expansion in meetings and events business, with expectations that 2015 will prove to be more prosperous than the previous year,” he said.  Davidson’s report will also discuss the changing design of meetings and meeting venues. He said: “In 2015, we are seeing radical qualitative changes in the ways in which meetings are designed. And forward-looking venues are adapting their offer to meet the evolving demands of new-generation meeting planners and attendees.”

ibtmWorld-2015 320x250 Register - MICExchangeIBTM World has recognized this trend and Mr Barnett recently commented on meeting the demands of exhibitors and attendees bringing a change to the way floor-space and exhibition formats, ‘The one thing that I have seen is that Exhibitors are looking for different ways/platforms to get their marketing communication messages across – More and more we find that Exhibitors are coming to us saying ‘we would like to get in-front of a specific segment of the market, how can you help us achieve that?’ – either before during or after the show” 

As a central part of the Trends Watch Report, Mr Davidson has will discuss factors that impact of the global economy and its uneven recovery across various geographical regions will feature as a key theme in his presentation. Davisdon commented, “As the global economy continues to change at an uneven rate, depending upon which world region is under consideration, the outlook for the meetings industry also varies along broad geographical zones.  “In the US, where hotel supply is up, with almost 100,000 new rooms added in 2015, demand for meetings continues to grow at up to quadruple the rate of supply. That means that the US is experiencing a suppliers’ market, with pricing power set to remain in the hands of hoteliers until the second half of 2016.”

Mr Graeme Barnett was asked how he saw the future trend of the meetings and event industry from an organizers perspective he comments, “There is a very positive feeling about the event for 2015. The timing is crucial, being at the end of one year and the almost the start of a new year which always creates a buzz on the show floor. Of course it helps enormously that positivity is returning to the local Spanish economy which is filtering down to the events sector where we saw attendance rise by 16% last year – a sure sign of recovery and an improving focus on local, regional and international events. Mr Barnett added, “I am delighted to report we are well on track to deliver an outstanding edition come November, representing all aspects. Our hosted buyer registration opened to a burst of activity and we looking forward to welcoming some 4,000 planners and buyers onsite this year. We regularly look to ensure a healthy mix of new and returning buyers to the event.

All ibtm world delegates are invited to attend the 2015 Trends Watch report session during the exhibition from 17-19 November. Register for IBTM World 2015.

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