Japan Tourism Promotion – Free Trip Proposal


In a bold strategy to boost tourism into Japan, the Japan Tourism Agency has proposed giving away 10,000 free flights to Japan next year.   The JNTO says that the proposal is still under examination for government budgetary approval and is at this moment undecided.

If the initiative is confirmed and put into operation, Japan Tourism Agency will officially announce details on Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) websites worldwide. If approved, the 10,000 free Japan flight give-away could start by April next year. The JNTO wishes to remoind people that visiting Japan is safe and still a fantastic destination for a holiday, undersdtandably, the excitem,ent surrounding the proposal is likely to do as much to raise awareness through a “viral” like media coverage. So for those keen to be among the lucky ones, Japan National Tourism Organization’s London office will be announcing details for how to apply for free flights to Japan via Twitter @experiencejapan, Facebook  at Visit Japan from the UK and their website, www.seejapan.co.uk.

The JNTO has said that is trying not to spend millions on a big advertising campaign, we hope to be able to give away free flights so people can go and experience Japan for themselvesin turn spread the word.  The proposed promotion has already drawn some looking to scam the offer and the JNTO has warned that fraudulent emails have been circulating that claim to be from the Japan Tourism Ministry asking people to submit copies of their passport to apply for a free flight to Japan. Travelers are advised to take care and check the JNTO websites for the most up-to-date and accurate information.


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