London Olympics in the spotlight

London Olympics

London will be one of the high-end incentive program destinations in Europe in 2012, its a huge draw – the stagefor winners as the city hosts the Games of the XXX Olympiad.

London is a city accustomed to handling large events and large crowds. And it has several things going for it as an incentive destination that few Olympic cities can match. Most obvious is that it is an English-speaking nation with which many Americans are comfortable and familiar.  While some costs will be high and the city buzzing, there are many choice options in a city offering such a diverse cultural selection.

The sales and marketing director for North America and long haul for Visit London at the city’s convention and visitors bureau, says the city is ready ahead of schedule.  Being early gives London a big advantage in logistical planning, and a series of test events at the stadiums are being planned. It also means incentive planners “can deliver an Olympic-themed event in advance of the Games as early as this summer,” he says. “The lead-up to the Games shouldn’t be ignored for delivering a program.”

Pre- and post-Olympic programs offer access to the venues and provide much of the excitement of the Olympics at far more reasonable prices and with fewer hassles, which have a lot of clients focusing on London this year.


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