MEET TAIWAN – Promoting Taiwan for MICE


MEET TAIWAN,‭ ‬sponsored by Taiwan‭ ‬Bureau of Foreign Trade and implemented by Taiwan‭ ‬External Trade Development Council‭ (‬TAITRA‭) ‬is promoting Taiwan as the top-of-mind destination for incentive travel in Asia with its‭ “‬Super Team in Asia‭” ‬Campaign‭ ‬through a roadshow in Singapore.‭

The roadshow,‭ ‬to be held on‭ ‬22‭ ‬August,‭ ‬is expected to bring in‭ ‬50‭ ‬Singapore buyers comprising of Association buyers,‭ ‬PCOs,‭ ‬Corporate buyers‭ (‬incentive travel,‭ ‬meetings,‭ ‬conferences‭) ‬and intermediaries.‭ ‬Held at the Pan Pacific Hotel,‭ ‬these buyers will network with‭ ‬6‭ ‬of Taiwan’s premier MICE suppliers and learn more about Taiwan’s MICE environment through the various presentations that will be featured at the roadshow.

MEET TAIWAN will also leverage on the roadshow to promote‭ “‬Super Team in Asia‭” – ‬its first-ever multi-national incentive campaign‭ – ‬held across Japan,‭ ‬Korea,‭ ‬Singapore,‭ ‬Malaysia and Indonesia‭ – ‬and consists of an online and offline tour to Taiwan to educate,‭ ‬entertain,‭ ‬and express the beauty of Taiwan’s incentive travel resource.

Registration for the competition closes on‭ ‬31‭ ‬August‭ ‬2014.‭ ‬The final winner will be crowned the‭ “‬Super Team in Asia‭” ‬and bag an incentive travel package to Taiwan worth more than USD‭ ‬50,000.

‭“‬Approximately‭ ‬365,000‭ ‬tourists from Singapore visited Taiwan in‭ ‬2013,‭ ‬making Singapore the‭ ‬4th largest inbound tourist source for Taiwan,‭ ‬according to Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s statistics.‭ ‬We believe Singapore‭ ‬will prove to be a‭ ‬great resource for the Taiwan MICE industry‭”‬,‭ ‬said Lily Su,‭ ‬Director of MEET TAIWAN.

She continued,‭ “‬This roadshow is an excellent opportunity for‭ ‬Singapore buyers to engage with MEET TAIWAN and our premium MICE suppliers face-to-face,‭ ‬and sample unique ideas for their client’s next incentive event with us.‭ ‬They are able to garner more information about Taiwan’s MICE environment,‭ ‬including Taiwan’s myriad of cultural experiences,‭ ‬gastronomic delicacies,‭ ‬natural scenic locations,‭ ‬creative incentive activities,‭ ‬modern convention and exhibition venues,‭ ‬accommodation choices,‭ ‬strong infrastructure facilities and resources,‭ ‬as well as rewards information.‭”

Ready to assist the buyers with their next event during the networking session are‭ ‬6‭ ‬of Taiwan’s premium MICE suppliers:‭ ‬Asia Concentrate Corporation,‭ ‬GIS‭ ‬Group,‭ ‬Kuching Travel Service‭ (‬Taiwan‭)‬,‭ ‬Tian-An International Travel Agency,‭ ‬Wow City and MSL Group.

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