New Approaches to Cost and Business – Hotels in 6 DAys


With changing need of capital outlay and investment in fast changing fragile economies, Speed is a must.  Earlier in 2011, China’s Broad Group wanted to showcase its speed and efficiency, so it constructed the Ark Hotel in Changsha in record time. A team of 200 workers erected the 15 story internal structure in just 46.5 hours. Its external construction took another 90 hours, for a total of less than 6 days.

Not only was this super quick, the hotel is reportedly built to withstand a 9.0 earthquake while using one sixth the material and costing 20% less. If successful, this could create a new wave of innovation in industrial construction. The laying of foundations wsnt part of the timescale, and components prefabricated offsite beforehand, but the sheer speed of the contruction is amazing

The Chinese company is also out to prove that their ways are better for construction crews, the environment, and residents. The Ark Hotel was built to be extremely energy efficient with thermal insulation, triple pane windows, external solar shading, fresh air heat recovery  and LED lighting. It claims the building is roughly five times more energy efficient than similar structures. Broad built for the massive Shanghai World Expo 2010. The majority of that construction was accomplished in just one day. It’s clear that China has some innovative methods to improve their industrial construction.



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