The Oldest Hotel in The World

Japans Oldest Hotel

As MICE professionals, we travel the world and most of us haven’t lost our sense of curiosity – it seems that one of the things that makes this business so interesting.  But – when I was researching SPA hotels and unique places, I was truely struck by not only the unusual story of this extraordinary property, by the stunning beauty of its setting.


The Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan,  a hot spring hotel in Hayakawa, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan was founded in 705, and it is the oldest hotel and oldest company still in operation according to the Guinness World Records and has had 52 operators since its founding.  Can you imagine – this hotel has history, location, facilities …. and yes it can cater for MICE.

Nisiyama Onsen KeiunkanFor once, I love the way Google has translated a portion of the Japanese only website in a manner that is almost Haiku-like  :

The inn is not just a place to stay.  There is a great gift from the earth here.  When I wake up, open the curtains first, please look out the window.  It’s in the eyes first and foremost, nature of mountains shining morning sun …….



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